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Product Review: Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts is a leading dietary supplement from Universal Nutrition. It aims to help you cut weight using several different approaches which are very effective when combined.

From the manufacturer:

The new Cuts formula is advanced and complete, including ingredients designed to stimulate metabolism and thermogenesis, training focus and diuresis, muscle preservation and thyroid function as well as providing added energy and suppressing appetite.

As you can see, Cuts attacks weight loss from several angles. I feel this is the key to its success and why it’s so effective. Cuts comes in a container with 42 individual packs of pills. This is a solid one month supply using their recommend dosage. Pricing is in line with many other supplements in the market and I think this is a great value for the results.

What you get

Cuts comes with 42 packs of pills divided into individual doses. Each pack contains 9 color coded pills which containing the following:

  • Thermogenic complex
  • Metabolic complex
  • Thyroid complex
  • Diuretic complex
  • Nootropiccomplex
  • Cortisol inhibiting complex
  • CCK inhibiting complex
  • Bioactivity complex

One of the nice things about Cuts is you can remove the stimulant or diuretic pills from your doses if you want. Check your label to find which pill colors to remove from you doses.

Recommended Dose

Two packs per day, every day for 3 consecutive weeks on both training and non-training days. You can begin a new 3 week cycle after you complete a one week period off.

My Thoughts

For those of you wondering, this is not a wonder drug and you do need to use it with adequate exercise to see maximum results. The two pack per day recommendation was too much for my body so I moved down to one pack per day. At that level I was happy with the results I was seeing.

The diuretic works REALLY well and I suggest you drink extra amounts of water to stay hydrated. Other than that I didn’t see any side effects although just like many other supplements users have reported jitters from the stimulant.

Overall Score:  B+

12/17/2013 Update: Link updated

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  • http://www.about-muscle.com Bodybuilding Guy

    I have a used a few Universal Supplements Including animal cuts and believe they are great supplements I seem some huge gains with some of there products although some could taste better, however Animal Cuts is all pill form so you dont need to worry about. Nice Review

  • Willywonka_21

    Which pill does what ? i dont want the thyroid complex.

    • Charl

      Which pill is the one with the stim? Can I remove that stim pill??

  • Charl

    Can I remove that stim pill? Which pill is the one with the stim?

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